Market data fees

Trading clients

Market data access
Java/.Net FIX ITCH
Top of book Free of charge Free of charge n/a
Depth $2,500* $2,500* $5,000**
* Flat fee. Free if $500m notional traded or $5,000 in commission paid per month
** Flat fee. Free if $10bn notional traded per month

Other fees

Broker clients Minimum monthly commissions of $2,500
Market data only clients Top of book: $10,000 per month Full order book: $25,000 per month
Market data vendors Free of charge (Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.)

Real time trade data

Trading clients Free of charge if $10bn notional traded per month, otherwise flat fee of $7,500 per month
Non trading clients $12,500 per month

Cross connects

Trading clients Free of charge
Inactive clients $1,000 per port per month

White labels

Set up fee $5,000
Ongoing Minimum monthly commissions of $2,500

Dormant accounts

Retail accounts $50 per month
Corporate accounts $100 per month

An account is considered dormant after 6 months of trading inactivity.


First month free for API testing before any charges are applied, except for Broker clients where the first three months are free.